Recovery Support Services

Too often, those who have never faced drug addiction or dependence don’t understand its deeper roots, and rather than make attempts to understand, they condemn any practices associated with it. Harm reduction is different. With the Amador Recovery Project, our harm reduction practices provide persons with alcohol or drug use disorders ideas, options, and strategies for safer behaviors and a judgment-free atmosphere to help uncover the issues underlying and surrounding their dependence.

Recovery support services (RSS) focus on substance use disorders (SUD) related to alcohol, opioid, and methamphetamine with a person-centered approach to recovery for an individualized mix and level of evidenced-based practices noted below; over 50% of clients have co-occurring MH/SUD conditions.

Amador Recovery - Entrance

The three program “pillars” are medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with naltrexone and buprenorphine, case management, and counseling. There are multiple pathways to recovery. No single approach works for everyone. A person may try multiple MATs before finding the right one. A better quality of life with more choices, control, and change may be more important than abstinence.

The Amador Recovery Team

All staff members are trained and registered to provide Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS) reimbursed by NM Medicaid.  They offer case management / care coordination for persons with substance use disorders (SUD) and co-occurring mental health conditions.  They provide or arrange the following supports, services, and resources:

Harm Reduction—syringes, naloxone/Narcan; Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Appointments [Naltrexone/Vivitrol, Buprenorphine/Suboxone]; Video and home visits; Contingency Management; Counseling/Therapy; Self-Help Meetings with SMART Recovery; Adjunctive Therapy with Acudetox; Applications for income and housing support; Peer Support; Transportation help to/from appointments; and Medication delivery and supervised dosing (DOT).

Harm Reduction Services

Monday – Thursday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm; Friday, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

at the curbside window in the Annex; ring bell/buzzer for service 

Syringe Exchange

Amador’s harm reduction resources include our safe & secure Syringe Exchange Program, providing vital supplies and services for intravenous drug users, including sterile syringes, new injection equipment, hazardous waste disposal, risk reduction, prevention, and referrals to effective substance use services and programs.

Narcan® Training/Distribution

Amador’s harm reduction team is an active Narcan® Training/Distribution partner, educating individuals on the use of Narcan® or naloxone in reviving users of suspected opioid overdose and instructing individuals on how to safely administer the nasal spray to those in dire need. Our team also distributes Narcan® to people who use drugs (PWUD) in hopes of preventing possible overdose.

Infectious Disease Rapid Testing

Staff in the Annex (Suite D) perform rapid testing for syphilis and hepatitis C virus (HCV).  They have training from NMDOH to offer this service in a non-clinical setting with universal precautions for bloodborne pathogens and with disposable sterile equipment.  The blood sample is from a fingerstick.  Test results are available in approximately 15 minutes.  Counseling and referrals are provided by staff.  Please call ahead for the days/hours this testing and other harm reduction services are available.


Acudetox is an emerging therapeutic method used at our health center that counteracts the effects of drug detoxification as your body attempts to stabilize following heavy drug use. Acudetox uses the healing powers of ear acupuncture to relieve your body of stress and pain, keeping you focused on long-term sobriety. Free group sessions are offered in the Annex lobby each week.

Mobile Helpline

Call or text 575.323.2266 if you want more information about harm reduction and recovery support services. This assistance is via Google Voice / WhatsApp.

Amador Recovery Project Forms and Brochures:

Safer practices create a safer world for all.

Amador’s harm reduction resources form a safe and accepting environment for people who use substances to feel open to discussing their dependence without fear of judgment or stigma. Rather than push people who use substances to feel ashamed of their addiction, we encourage them to take steps to practice safer drug use and eventually recognize the strengths and abilities they possess to start recovery, to control, reduce, or stop substance use.

Amador’s harm reduction resources include safe syringe exchange and disposal, Narcan® training and distribution, HCV testing, and Acudetox (ear acupuncture). These resources, with highly trained staff, ensure that substance use is less dangerous without necessitating the complete abstinence of substances. When ready, referrals to our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with buprenorphine or naltrexone may be done.

Finding safe, accessible, and accepting substance use and recovery resources is possible with Amador Health Center.