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Community care should never be conditional.

Here at Amador community health, we believe that every person has the right to be seen and treated, regardless of insurance coverage, criminal background, immigration status, sexual orientation, drug dependency, or ability to pay. By staying true to this core belief, our Las Cruces Health Center has enabled countless citizens to find the care they need to build a stronger life. If you’re in need of urgent medical care, behavioral care, drug rehab, or are just looking for a network of support, Amador’s doors are open to you.

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New face, same mission

Amador Health Center is the new name and face of St. Luke’s Health Care Clinic, which had its humble beginnings in 1990 with Dr. Stanislaus Ting. From our initial origins, our dreams evolved to become the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope (MVCH) campus in 1994, with five non-profit centers, including our Las Cruces health center, calling it home. Today, we are Amador Health Center, a comprehensive community health center that welcomes all Las Cruces citizens, regardless of background or capability. We wouldn’t be us without you—thank you for the years of support and encouragement.

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Clinical care

If your health needs are physical in nature, Amador’s clinical specialists are on stand-by for support.


Behavioral health

Our team treats troubles of the mind as well, with mental illness care, recovery/relapse support, & beyond.

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Harm reduction

Amador offers drug injection addiction management, including syringe exchange and Narcan distribution.


Inclusive support

Our care is unconditional, with support to undocumented immigrants, homeless, and LGBTQ+ individuals.